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Changing lives: Racine Vocational Ministry helps people chip away at obstacles to find their success

By LEE B. ROBERTS Journal Times February 27, 2005

Endel Williams commutes from Racine to Iowa each week for his job. Every Sunday, the 30-year-old makes the journey across the border, where he works with Racine-based Ricchio Inc., doing construction work. He and the rest of the crew work four 10-hour days, staying in a hotel through Thursday, and then head back to Racine to spend the weekend with their loved ones. Click here to read the article.

Transforming Lives: Racine Vocational Ministry marks five years of helping people -- 1,000 people and counting -- turn their lives around

By LEE B. ROBERTS Journal Times Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Talking with Sasha Walter today, one might never guess that less than two years ago the 24-year-old single mother was struggling to survive. The confidence now evident in Walter’s voice wasn’t there when she was going through a difficult divorce, with no job in sight Click here to read the article

Offering Hope: Endel Williams' continued success mirrors that of Racine Vocational Ministry

By LEE B. ROBERTS Journal Times Wednesday, November 27, 2007

As Endel Williams has moved up the career ladder, he has not only increased his salary and improved his benefits; he's cut his commute time down from several hours to 45 minutes. These days, the Racine resident is working as a lab technician at Payne and Dolan in Waukesha, where he analyzes pavement material and is learning new skills every day. It is a job he loves, both for the challenges it provides and the people he works with. Click here to read the article.

Church program aims to help the unemployed

BY MARCI LAEHR TENUTA, Journal Times, Aug. 18, 2002

Helping the chronically unemployed or underemployed deal with the issues in their life that might be impeding their ability to find work, and then assisting them in new career paths is the objective of a new program beginning in Racine Click here to read the article

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